Our job is not limited to managing a portion of our clients’ savings. In order to provide optimal advice, especially to our Swiss resident clients, we need to understand our clients’ overall wealth situation, as well as their objectives and challenges.

This enables us to help them choose a wealth management strategy that is appropriate to their situation and tax efficient, and to optimise and plan their overall financial structure, including their real estate and personal assets, their pension assets and possibly their business.


Entrepreneurs and self-employed people have specific needs in terms of tax optimisation, financial planning and business transfer. We support them in managing and optimising the relationship between their business and their private situation over the long term. Thanks to our partnerships with pension funds, we enable them to set up tailor-made pension solutions, allowing them to optimise their overall financial structure, as well as that of their company. These pension tools allow them not only to improve their retirement, but also to optimise and prepare their company for a transfer, while maintaining control over their pension assets and optimising their returns.


From the acquisition of a property to its financing, we will accompany you from start to finish in all your real estate projects in complete independence. We can advise you on the best financing structure, whether it is a lombard loan, which allows you to keep your assets invested, or a mortgage. Thanks to our network of partners, we can find the best financing conditions for you.


We invest our clients’ assets in international markets and pay particular attention to the tax impact of these investments for our clients, in order to provide them with an optimal net after-tax return.


Taking stock of your current financial structure and defining your pre- and post-retirement financial needs, plans and objectives will allow you to plan your financial situation with precision. This financial planning will be a roadmap that will help you to make the right decisions at the right time and to look forward to your future with peace of mind.